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When it comes to building a new home, quality begins from the ground up. At Jupiter New Homes, everything we do stems from our passion for quality. From choosing select parcels of land to partnering with world-class suppliers, we use only top quality materials to deliver outstanding homes. Also, as many as a dozen independent inspections are performed on each home to ensure the quality standards through every phase of construction.
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Jupiter home Sale
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There’s a lot to know about the building process, and we keep you informed and involved throughout your home’s construction. We take pride in sharing our knowledge and experience with you. Read on to find out how your Perry home will be built. As you begin to understand the process, you'll know what you can look forward to during the exciting weeks ahead.

Before Construction Begins

Construction usually begins 30-45 days after you sign the Earnest Money Contract. It is, however, subject to potential holdups such as local government approvals, utility availability, construction backlogs, delay in the developer’s delivery of lots, availability of materials and contractors, changes requested by the homebuyer and the degree of difficulty encountered in initiating those changes plus the time for independent inspections. The most frequent cause of delay is usually weather, specifically rain or other poor conditions.

Jupiter New Homes Sales Professional will be able to tell you when construction should begin on your home, as well as the average number of days for normal construction in your New community.

The Construction Process

The construction of a Jupiter New Homes is divided into multiple home Communityes