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Process of Buying a Home

posted Sep 22, 2012, 3:36 AM by Jeffery Simms   [ updated Sep 22, 2012, 3:38 AM ]

Buying a home in Jupiter Florida
Before you make the Decision to Buy…

Browse through our site to get a handle on the process and start to learn what is involved, what you have to do and what  Jupiter New Home Realty  can do for you. You'll find helpful resources to help you through every step of the process. It is important to ask the questions “How much can I afford?” and “What is my timetable?” very early on in the process.

Day 1 – Getting the Process Started

Once you have made the decision to buy, contact Jupiter New Home Realty and let us get the process rolling. We will help you set your agenda and define your needs. Read ahead and you will see how the  Jupiter New Home Realty Difference means that we will be with you every step of the way providing the experience you need and advice you can count on. With  Jupiter New Home Realty 's Relocation Network, we have working relationships with all the best and most trusted Jupiter Florida-area companies and services to help you find, buy and move into the home that’s right for you.

Stick with Jupiter New Home Realty and you will see that this truly is “the way real estate should be.”

Loan Pre-Approval

Getting pre-approved for a home loan will allow you to start actually viewing homes with your  Jupiter New Home Realty Real Estate Agent. We can put you in contact with lenders offering the best terms available. Also, learn more about our exclusive Physician Loan Program that is designed to help new doctors and all physicians get into a home despite their student loans.

Home Browsing

One of  Jupiter New Home Realty’s licensed real estate agents will personally help you sift through the market to find the best properties to suit your needs. We not only have access to the largest and most comprehensive listing of real estate in the Jupiter area, but we have the expertise you need to show you how to navigate the market. We will keep you updated regularly as to new properties on the market to help you find a home as quickly as you need. There is no substitute for a Real Estate Agent’s expertise when you are looking for a new home.

Visit Properties

Jupiter New Home Realty can help you navigate the market and sort through the properties you are interested in. We are experienced in the Jupiter area real estate market so we know what the best neighborhoods are in each area of the city. We will accurately assess the market to determine what properties have the best value. Once we have helped you select properties that will work best for you, we will accompany you while you visit the homes you are considering.

Submit an Offer and Negotiate a Price

Normally, your offer will be accepted, countered, or rejected within 24 hours. Negotiations may take a couple days until you agree on a final price. If you are making an offer on short sale property be prepared to wait four to six weeks for a response. Response times are longer because approval is required from one or more banks in addition to the seller. Once the seller has signed the contract and has accepted your earnest money, this part of the process is complete. You will then forward a copy of the signed contract to your attorney.

Home Inspection and Attorney Review Period

After your offer is accepted, you will have between five and seven days to inspect the property and allow your attorney to review the contract for sale. We will put you in contact with one of our qualified and reputable home inspection companies that can get started immediately. Also, having a lawyer you can trust is essential to protecting your interests when reviewing the details of the inspection report, the seller’s property disclosures and the contract for sale. One of  Jupiter New Home Realty’s trusted Real Estate Lawyers will help you through this process.

Prepare for Closing

Immediately after your offer is accepted,  Jupiter New Home Realty will work with your attorney to help you get together and review all the necessary disclosures, title insurance, home owner’s insurance and other documents that you will need for closing. Also, this is the time when you need to contact your lender to finalize your mortgage and have the loan distributed.


With  Jupiter New Home Realty guiding you through the process there will be a team of professionals working to make sure closing proceeds without any costly complications or delays.

Moving Day

Use the time after closing to book movers and storage, if needed, for the big day (or just tell your friends to clear their schedules). Also, take this time to have repairs made, paint and do any remodeling that is required.  Jupiter New Home Realty will stick with you even after closing providing sound advice and good referrals through our Relocation Network. Also check out our Packing to Move page and read our essential Tips on Packing to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

House Warming Party!!!

You have moved in and unpacked (most) of the boxes… It’s time to CELEBRATE! Invite your friends and family over and don’t forget to save us a piece of cake!