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Jupiter Florida Expired Listing?

posted Sep 22, 2012, 3:48 AM by Jeffery Simms

Every month hundreds of property listings in the Jupiter Florida area expire, but twice as many properties sell.  So, why did your neighbor’s property sell and not yours?  Why didn’t your listing receive much interest?  What can you do to improve the chances of selling your home?

Expired Listing

The Jupiter New Home Realty Preferred Listing Service is a comprehensive plan designed to diagnose why your home didn’t sell during the listing.  Then we will tell you how we will improve your home’s presentation, discuss a marketing plan and tell you about the unique incentives we offer to potential buyers.

Jupiter New Home Realtyy can help sell your home with our PREFERRED LISTING SERVICE which will:

  1. Diagnose the problems with your previous listing.
  2. Improve the PRESENTATION of your home with free expert real estate photography.
  3. Create an individualized MARKETING plan that is proactive not reactive.
  4. Offer INCENTIVES to you as well as potential buyers including a free home warranty.

I hope you will consider us when it is time to re-list your home for sale.  Call me today and I can have your home listed on the MLS within the week.  At Jupiter New Home Realty, we work harder so that you don’t have to because we believe that’s the way real estate should be.