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How to Sell Your Home in a Buyer's Market

posted Sep 21, 2012, 5:14 PM by Jeffery Simms
So you need to sell your home, but you know that the market conditions are not in your favor. Here are a few tips on how to sell your home in a buyer's market:

Use a Real Estate Professional

There are many things that can be done to save money and cut costs related to selling your home, but going the route of “For Sale by Owner” is not one of them. Real Estate professionals can provide advice and expertise that increase the value of your home much more than the cost of their services. From the Market Value Analysis, to the RMLS listing, to their skill in negotiating offers, to the expert staging of your home for photo shoots and open houses, all of these factors increase the perceived value of your home and, more importantly, its final selling price. At  Jupiter New Home Realty  we sell your home and help you keep the cash by offering full-service brokerage services for the lowest possible commission.

Price your home for the Market

Every one wants to make the most money possible from the investment in their home. But if the asking price is too high, your home will sit on the market for months racking up taxes, bills and other expenses. Also, the longer your home sits on the market, the less desirable it becomes, which will decrease the final selling price that you will be able to negotiate. The key is to price your home correctly to sell quickly but for as much as the market will allow. Contact  Jupiter New Home Realty today to have a Market Value Analysis conducted by an experienced real estate professional.

Evaluate Home Improvements Based on their Profitability

Fixing up a property before listing it for sale is indisputably the best way to increase the selling price of your home. Some improvements, however, can cost more than the value that they add to your home. This differs for each home and for each improvement. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is truly the only improvement that is worth the value that it will add to your home. In other cases, refinishing the deck can make your home seem like the best kept home in the neighborhood. Updating the windows, however, might benefit the new owners without adding much to your home’s selling price. Contact  Jupiter New Home Realty today before making any final decisions about what improvements to make to your home.

Make your home stand out from the crowd

There are hundreds of thousands of homes for sale in the Jupiter area alone, especially in a Buyer's Market. Many of them are foreclosed properties and New Jupiter Jupiter  that are selling well below their true market value. Every home is unique, though. Find the key elements that make your home different from the rest and market these attributes specifically. There are bound to be thousands of other properties with the same number of bedrooms, or the same square footage, even in you neighborhood. When a potential buyer contacts you, make sure to sell the unique aspects of your home. Someone will eventually want that specific quality that your home alone has, and this will help you negotiate a higher selling price in the end. At Jupiter New Home Realty, we know what it takes to sell your home and will work with you every step of the way.

At Jupiter New Home Realty, as always, we are committed to helping you sell your home and keep the cash

We have the expertise you need to navigate the Real Estate market, avoid the dangers of selling in a buyer's market and realize the highest possible value of your home. We are always available to give advice or address any questions that you might have concerning the purchase or sale of a home. Contact us today for more information.