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How to Save Thousands When You Buy A New Jupiter Construction Home

posted Dec 24, 2012, 7:02 PM by Jeffery Simms   [ updated Jul 4, 2016, 12:58 PM ]
Save Thousand on New Homes in Jupiter Florida
I started this service because I found that many homebuyers were misinformed with regards to

the opportunity to purchase a new construction home. This free report covers important

information that you should know before buying a new construction home. It provides a brief

description about what you can expect when purchasing a new construction home in Jupiter Florida. It also informs you about how you can save thousands more when you work with   and Jupiter New Home Realty on your new home purchase.


Can I work with a Realtor when purchasing a new construction home?

Answer: Absolutely. Homebuilders understand that over 75% of the buyers that purchase their

homes work with a Realtor during the transaction. Because of this fact, homebuilders spend the bulk of their marketing budget advertising their homes directly to Realtors.

Why do I need a Realtor when I can just work with the sales associate at the

model home?


Answer: You don’t “need” a Realtor. Thousands of people buy and sell homes on their own

every year. However, you should know up front that the sales associate at the builder or

developer’s model home works on behalf of the builder - not you. While it is true that many of

these sales associates are honest, knowledgeable and helpful, ultimately they represent the

best interest and bottom line of one person – the builder. The builder’s goal in every transaction

is to sell the house quickly and for the highest profit margin. The details involved in purchasing a home, particularly the financial ones, can sometimes be confusing. A good real estate professional will help guide you through the entire process and make the experience easier. It’s always in your best interest to have a third party negotiating on your behalf, regardless of whether you plan to purchase a new construction or resale home.


If I’m working with a Realtor, won’t I have to pay a higher price for the home?

Working with a “buyer’s agent” is a completely free service to you. Working with a

real estate agent to purchase a new construction home has no affect on the sales price of the

home, or the availability of buyer’s incentives. Sales commissions are already factored into the

sales price of every home that is listed for sale. If there is no buyer’s agent involved in the

transaction, the extra money goes back into the seller’s pocket – not yours.


Okay . . . . But I know I can negotiate a better deal if a Realtor isn’t involved.

Again, you don’t “have to use” a Realtor in any transaction. That is a decision you

have to make for yourself. Here’s a little secret. In almost every new construction home sale,

there is an available pool of buyer’s incentive money and the goal of the sales associate is to

come to an agreement with you on the purchase of the home without using all of the incentive


Here’s another secret. The sales prices on builder inventory homes fluctuate regularly

(sometimes weekly or daily). Each week Realtors receive pricing updates on every available

inventory home in the Austin Area. Many times these pricing updates are not public knowledge.

The price that appears online and the price update that we receive weekly sometimes differ by

tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t you want to make sure you have up to the minute


Let me tell you a quick story. About a year ago, I was working with a buyer who wanted to buy

a new construction home. Unbeknownst to me, he went directly to the builder and signed a

contract for a sales price that he thought was unbeatable. When he called to tell me that he hadjust signed the contract, I asked him for the address of the house. I looked it up in my builder inventory booklet and told him that unfortunately the price that he had just agreed to was thousands more than the new price update that I had just received that morning. This particular buyer, angry and embarrassed, had to go back to the builder and beg for a price reduction. He eventually got it, but this process could have been much easier for him if he had asked me to help him first.


What is an “inventory/spec” home?

Answer: It typically takes 4-7 months for a home to be built. Because most buyers do not want

to wait that long, builders usually have anywhere from 5-7 “inventory” homes per subdivision available for a quicker sale. More often than not, these inventory homes are built to higher than standard specifications. Thus, by purchasing an inventory home from a builder, you will enjoy a significant price advantage over building the same house from scratch. Depending on time of year and local real estate cycles, there is an even better chance that you can save thousands on top of the listed inventory price by working with   a local Realtor who is skilled in price negotiation.


How do I find out about these inventory homes?

Answer: The majority of new construction homes that are nearing completion are listed on

MLS just like resale homes. A Realtor can set up a personal property search for you based on

your new home criteria and you can receive regular updates on these new home listings. This

process can save you a ton of time in researching properties and communities. However, even

in they are not listed on MLS, a Realtor, like myself has access to all of the new construction

homes available in the next 4-6 months.


Can I work with my own lender when buying a New Construction home or do I

have to work with the Builder’s lender?

Answer: The answer to that question is the same as with a Realtor. You are never required to

use the builder’s lender. You can use the lender of your choice if you prefer. However,

currently many of the buyer’s incentives offered are tied to using the builder’s preferred lender.

For example, often times builders will offer to help “buy down” your interest rates or pay a

portion of your closing costs. The caveat is that you must use the builder’s preferred lender.

Regardless of what you decide to do, you should always be certain about the ramifications of

using either lender. (this scenario is in the process of changing as we speak)

Why should I work with Jeffery Simms and Highlight Realty?

Highlight Realty is a full service real estate brokerage, specializing in helping people find

new construction homes in Jupiter Florida and surrounding areas. I, Jeffery Simms, am a profession real estate agent and a consultant. I currently work with a handful of local builders in listing their inventory homes. Therefore, I have a good idea about what new construction homes are selling for in specific subdivisions. I regularly educate myself on available builder inventory and both pricing and buyer incentives to better serve my clients.


Want to know another secret? When a builder has a high number of inventory homes to sell,

the builder will usually offer incentives to Realtors in an effort to entice Realtors to bring their

buyers to those specific communities. I don’t think it is good business to withhold this

information from my clients. Thus, if you choose to purchase a home that includes a Realtor

incentive, I will work to rebate a portion of the commission or bonus back to you in an effort to

help you during your purchase.

Do you have to sell your current home before you can buy a new one? Have you already found

the house that you know you want to buy and just need help writing the contract? Relocating to

Austin and need to find an agent in your area to sell your current house?
If one of these unique situations applies to you, we can work together to make sure that the process is as financially lucrative for you as possible.

Here’s How You Can Take the Next Step . . .

If we have not already had the chance to talk, Id suggest that we take 10-15 minutes to discuss

your current situation and your future goals to determine your best path to home ownership. My

business partners and I have a wealth of educational materials and free reports for your benefit.

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