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Finding a Family Friendly Home In Jupiter Florida

posted Dec 1, 2012, 3:30 AM by Jeffery Simms
By ! Jupiter New Home Real Estate Agent
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Sticking to a budget is high on the list of priorities when buying property. However, just as important as finding the perfect home loan, is finding a home that suits all your family’s needs.

It’s easy to get swayed by beautiful furnishings and decor, but it’s wise to strip back the finishing touches and look at the bare bones of a property to see if it really suits.

  • Consider how your family really lives
  • Make space for kids
  • Look for ample storage
  • Make sure there are new smoke alarms or detectors installed.
  • If there are balconies, you will need to install safety guards across entries to balconies, and always supervise your child even if you have guards. Look for balcony guardrails without horizontal bars or footholds your child could use to climb on – narrow vertical bars or flat solid walls are best.
  • Nothing can be safer than investing in a home security system.

Types of home security

Home security systems are used by homeowners to make sure their homes are well-protected from theft, burglars, fires and other disasters.

Many people decide which type of home security system to purchase depending upon the neighbourhood in which they live, how much security they want and how much they are willing to pay for the security.

Alarm Security Systems

These vary from basic motion detector alarms that activate sirens to sophisticated systems that can be wirelessly activated, alert security patrols and even provide a video feed to your internet-connected device.

  • Closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems are a popular option that provide security in two ways:
  1. The video feed can be watched live and recorded for future reference by a 24 hour monitoring service. Infrared cameras provide visual imagery even in the dark.
  2. Positioning cameras both inside and outside the home tells potential burglars they are being watched. This alone often makes them look elsewhere for a target.

Visual Home Security Systems

Burglars are opportunists. They look for homes that offer them the greatest opportunity to enter and leave undetected. They will look for places to hide at the sides or back of the house and for quick entry points. Some ways you can make your house look unappealing to intruders include:

  • Keep the sides of the house free of shrubs and other objects intruders can hide behind.
  • Motion activate outdoor lighting at the sides and back of the house can be a powerful deterrent to burglars.
  • Security shutters or screen doors tell intruders they have to negotiate two sets of locks before they can enter a home. This can be enough to make them look elsewhere.

Physical Home Security Systems

Statistics show that 80% of home intruders enter through the front or back door.

  • One of the cheapest and most effective ways to keep them out is to replace your standard door locks with deadbolts.
  • For double protection, also get security screen doors and you may even want to have security bars or screens installed on some or all of your windows.
  • The ultimate option in home security is arguably a home automation system. One of these can be connected with your computers and mobile devices, allowing you to turn lights, your TV and even some appliances on and off, making it look like someone is home even when the house is empty. You can check the locks on your doors and if someone forget to lock up, you can do so remotely. With video cameras installed strategically throughout the house, you can monitor activity and/or allow your home security company to monitor it for you.

You can leave your home as it is and take a gamble that you will not be the victim of a burglary or you can improve your odds and stack the deck in your favour. It’s hard to put a price tag on home security.