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We provides complete real estate services including real estate sales, rentals, pre-construction sales, residential and commercial property management, and a comprehensive menu of home management requirements.

Our licensed sales agents have years of combined experience in all areas of real estate.  Our expertise will help you realize your dream of owning or leasing a home or finding investment opportunities in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter Island, Singer Insland and others.
The specialty home management team members will provide personalized concierge service for your vacation property.  In preparation for your arrival we can clean and stock your home with your selections of food and supplies and household items.  Housekeeping can be arranged for your condominium before your arrival and during your stay.  We are here to make the arrangements for you.

Jupiter New House
Sure, most builders are all smiles when you're touring the model. But once the inks on the contract and the hard work begins, the smiles disappear.

The promises turn into excuses. And the whole process makes you wonder if they realize exactly whose money they're spending. How's this for a crazy realization? Your builder works for you. It seems like someone in that position should be committed to making sure you're 100% satisfied. That you're treated with respect. And that you feel appreciated and involved.

At Jupiter New Homes Realty, Jeffery Simms make certain that you're an active part of the homebuilding process. Every stage. Every step. In fact, Jeffery Simms put together an exclusive 9-step process that keeps you involved. From the initial Homeowner Orientation Meeting to the final Quality Walk to the Nine-Month Follow-up, you'll never feel like anything less than the most important person involved.

After all, that's

who you are. To learn more about Jupiter New Homes Realty and our 9-Step Process give us a call at 561-201-5601. We'd really appreciate it.